Wednesday, December 15, 2010

E-mail 12/15/2010

Hello family!!
I might be getting transferred today....or at least find out when.
My new companion, Elder Larson, was also from district C, he had to stay for medical reasons, and is actually going home for surgery.
I am back in district B. It is an awesome district, they are so good, they have sisters.
I will probably be companions with Elders Quinn and Stenzal.
District C was really getting mad at me. I kept eating everything with a fork and knife. I mean everything, steak, chicken, ham, banana, jello, I tried ice-cream but it didn't really work. They kept trying to Americanize me. "Put the knife down, and pick it up!" I found great joy in it.
It feels weird not to have a cast or brace on. My handwriting dramatically improved :) My hand is a little achy but the Dr. said I could play basketball in two weeks if I wanted too.
I have been learning a lot, a lot of the same, but a lot.
The food is very addictive and fattening, hey I just realized I can run again, bring on the fat!
Uh, life is good, no wait, life is AWESOME!!!
Love you!!
May the Spirit be with you. *waves hand dramatically
Elder Durrant

Christmas lights at the MTC

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