Monday, July 9, 2012

E-mail 07/09/2012

Hello positively fantactastict family!
I have more time today, so hopefully this will be a good e-mail. If I have not responded to anyone's E-mail it is not because I'm lazy like that, I have just forgot. So if you want to re-ask me something or resend something you want a better response to then feel free to.
This last week has been so awesome! JuliAnne was baptized Saturday and It was awesome. We are really excited for her. The following Sunday she was late and so we were getting worried she wouldn't come. I was sitting on the stand because I was giving a talk and I just so happened to have the phone so I was able to find out she was coming and let the Bishop know. When she walked in the bishop pulled me into the sacrament prep room, which was cool because you only see or hear that kind of stuff happening, but he asked me if I thought we should still confirm her. I said I thought it would be a good idea. He gave the go ahead so she came onto the stand and we confirmed her with me acting as voice. It was a sweet experience.
Bro David, whom we have been teaching for a couple months, came to church for the first time in a while and I almost jumped out of my seat and embraced him, but I refrained. The previous Monday we had set August fourth for him to be baptized. When He came to church he was telling everyone about it. He is so excited to be baptized. I love him.
For the Fourth of July our preparation day was moved to this day. We first had a breakfast with the ward. Then we taught JuliAnne. Then as a zone we went to the Lucas Oil Stadium and toured it. There were twenty two missionaries there. I love seeing missionaries.
We taught Bro Jim as well. We taught Enduring to the end. He struggles with making the commitment to be baptized. He thinks a lot about it. We have been focusing a lot on the gospel of Jesus Christ. His faith is growing. He has come a long way. Before he didn't really care about anything religious, now he is half way through the Book of Mormon, knows it's true, comes to sacrament meeting more often than not. He loves learning. It is really fun to teach him.
Bro Tom. Oh Brother Tom, we went to his house for our appointment and he came out and said he wants to stop our visits, because he is never going to believe some of the things we believe. We tried to convince him otherwise for a minute than we decided to respect his agency and we told him so. That we weren't going to force him. Then something happened, he asked a question and I started to look in the scriptures for his answer. He said come on in. So we did. We sat down and he apologized for coming off strong with his questions last week. He admitted he is looking for a church. He is willing to let us teach him the things that we want to teach. What a miracle! Was his heart softened!
I love serving here! I get to continue serving here another six weeks as well. I am so excited!
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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