Monday, July 30, 2012

E-mail 07/30/2012

Hello gloriously awesome family! And sharp looking, too! (Thanks for the pictures)
This week has been awesome! We have been busy running to and fro. It rained this week as well.
We have been helping Bro Dave prepare for his baptism that is the first of August. He is so excited for it. Over the course of our teaching him you could see the change from not interested to all the way in. As soon as he recognized the Spirit he jumped right in. He accepts everything that we teach and loves it. We have fun lessons with him, too. He is very good at speaking in a lot of different accents. His favorite is Australian. He likes doing Brooklyn a lot. He asked that Elder Judkins and I be the witness' to his baptism. He is such a great guy and has a strong testimony. He is having his Brother in law baptize and confirm him. It will be a special day.
I was talking with one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Harrison, and we discovered that he had seen me spinning the sign for Subway. That was really cool to have that connection.
We taught Tom this week. We brought Bro Bishop with us. Bro Bishop is a great fellow-shipper for him. He bore sweet powerful testimony. We read from the book of Mormon, first Nephi chapter one. He felt the Spirit. He was fairly speechless afterwards. Hopefully he will come to church soon.
The members here are awesome! They give us rides, they feed us, they go to lessons with us. I love this ward.
I forgot my brain, I mean planner, so I can't remember everything that happened, but it was a great week.
We did see a kid riding his bike backwards. He was sitting on his handle bars peddling backwards. He wasn't even watching where he was going. It was crazy.
Hope you like the pictures!
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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