Monday, July 16, 2012

E-mail 07/16/2012

Hello stupendtaculous family!!

What a good week. It has cooled down to the eighties, low nineties. The Mayor has issued a "water ban," so no one can water their lawns; because it hasn't rained a lot here. Missionary work is going very well. This upcoming week is going to be so busy. It goes back to "if you plan busy days, you will have busy days; if you plan slow days, you will have slow days." We didn't meet with Tom this week. He had just gotten back from Lafayette and was really tired. Bro Robert and Shirley, (Shirley is the member that whenever she sees us she says"hello my sons!") They renewed their vows this last week. They invited us to be there. They did it in an evangelical church. That was my second wedding that I have witnessed. The first was at the Bountiful Temple. It was interesting to compare the two. We are excited for them, though, after he is baptized, to be sealed in the Temple. It will be such a good experience for them. We are also teaching Bro Dave, who is getting baptized August fourth, in our last visit we had read part of the word of wisdom pamphlet and he said to us "I don't know if I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I smoked my last cigarette at twelve forty five today." We were so excited, because we knew that he smoked and him saying that showed his great desire to be baptized. Also, after he accepted to be baptized, he got a job. This job requires him to work on Sunday, right when church is. He said to us "this is the Lord testing me to see how much I really want to be baptized." He was able to put two breaks together and come to church this past Sunday. If his boss' heart stays softened Dave will continue to be able to attend church. I love seeing when we put forth the effort required, then God steps in and takes care of what we can't. Dave is so excited to be baptized. Another of our investigators, Bro Jim, came to church. Normally he leaves right after sacrament meeting, but he is going to start staying for gospel principles. It may or may not be in connection with his wife receiving a calling requiring her to stay for the second hour. The Lord works in mysterious ways. ;) I love it here! The people here are great! This is the best ward!

May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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