Monday, October 8, 2012

E-mail 10/08/2012

Hello Stupendous family!
This has been a crazy week. We have been busy with a lot of meetings, teachings, and missionary work in general.
Conference was amazing! What a blessing it is to have a living prophet on the earth today that receives revelation for us to help make our lives better. What a wonderful announcement about missionaries! I think it is awesome! I am excited for it, even though it doesn't really apply for me. I think it's a good change. However, the sister missionary announcement was a little troubling. It is going to be harder now finding a wife, because all of the women are going to want to serve missions. ;) It will be good, don't worry I fully support the change.
Have I said how much I love the summer? Well it's winter, (actually it's fall,) and it's freezing! I am glad that I still have some of my warm cloths and lots of hand warmers. I like hand warmers. We have a lot of them. It's crazy how missionary work changes with the seasons. In the summer people are outside, you can meet with people on there porch, they are happier. In the winter you go to peoples houses to find them, you now meet inside buildings, such as the church, and the other percentage of people are happy (note that this percentage is very small.)
We met with Donna twice this past week. She is a funny lady. She is in her seventies. Spunky is a good word that describes her. She loves our visits. She keeps telling us how she looks forward to going to our church the forth Sunday. She is a funny lady.
We had a lot of meetings we had to go to. We ended up going to transfer meeting because an Elder in our district finished his mission and went home, so his companion needed to be with someone, so he was with us. I love meetings, but you go to over ten hours of meetings in a week the first thing you want to do is go teach or tract or just do something, anything. We did have a good meeting Friday where the Zone Leaders trained the whole zone. That was a great meeting. We discussed prayer. Prayer is very special.
Being a missionary is awesome! I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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