Monday, October 22, 2012


Hello Awesome family!!
What a great week! The sun is shining (in my soul,) the music ringing (from my lips,) and I'm loving every moment of it!
This past week we worked hard. We are finding lots of new people that the Lord is placing in our path. One such person has a friend from Utah and wants to find a church she can call home. This is great since we call each other brother and sister and a ward family. Her name is Alice. She is in her fifties. We taught her the Restoration and it made complete sense to her. She is excited to read from the Book of Mormon and has already read up to the tree of life vision. We have high hopes for her.
I have found that as we go about some people will be ill or sick and when we say to them "would you like a blessing?" They usually decline for the simple fact they don't understand what it is. We have started explaining to people first, that it is performed by the priesthood. We hold the priesthood. We will place pure olive oil on their head. Place our hands on their head. Say a prayer and that's all. Then we ask them if they would like one. Most of the time they say yes. I think that is with all of us. If we don't know what something is and some person comes and asks to do that thing to us our first reaction is "no way." When we understand the what and the why it becomes so much easier to follow, or allow.
We tracted several times this last week and it was so much fun! We got some of the funniest excuses for not hearing the Restored Gospel yet. Here are a few as follows:"I'm getting ready to cook(repeated about six times.)" "I already have a church." "My husband doesn't want to change." Excuses are a funny thing. Everyone is rich with them. The ones poverty stricken from it are the ones truly blessed. I believe there is a difference between excuses and reasons. Namely that if that particular reason wasn't there you would do the thing. With the excuse you do not want to do the thing, thus trying to get out of it. "The road to hell is paved with Excuses and Exceptions." Of course there are good exceptions. Overcoming excuses with people is fun.
The members here are taking good care of us. They are having us over to have dinner with them. They are teaching with us. This is the best ward.
We still haven't heard from higher up if Bro Robert can get baptized. Hopefully soon. Bro Jim is starting to pray daily. I should break out the "Eternal Gator Juice" and drink that right before we go see him this week. 
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant 

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